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You weren’t ‘assigned’ a sex. Sex is an important part of biology and is not a choice or an identity.

You were assigned gender DUE to your sex. Gender is oppressive. It perpetuates misogyny through dictating females to be submissive and subordinate, and men as dominant and superior.

Again: sex is not the problem. Please stop acting like biology is wrong and gender (which harms women) is somehow more important.

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why is it that when heterosexuals insist they are heterosexual and not going to have sex with someone of the same sex that’s accepted no problem and like a no brainer duh, but lesbians who insist they are lesbian and not going to have sex with someone of the opposite sex that’s transphobia and discrimination?


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What i deal with everyday

my birds are weird

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A demonstration of wrath


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Bingos - Imgur

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"how is me getting a boner from hitting women misogynistic i dont get it" 

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girl: deeper!!!!



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