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Common Grackle. Photo by bo4u

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why did i think about you last night


California Quail (Callipepla californica) are very social birds.

During the breeding season, females will often form multi-family flocks with other females and their young; frequently, multiple males - not always the genetic fathers of the chicks - will also join the group.

Adults that participate in this tend to live longer than those that don’t, perhaps because of the greater number of eyes watching for predators. In the fall and winter, birds come together in coveys numbering as many as 75 individuals, typically including many family groups.

During courtship and breeding, males and females call antiphonally - that is, they alternate calls in a form of duet. Both males and females bear the distinctive plume, though it is darker in males than females. The plume appears to be a single feather, but is actually made up of six.

photograph by Len Blumin on Flickr

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IT’S AN EEVEE POLE! They all just want hugs from wingull.

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A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.

The startling study, titled “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens,” is slated to appear in an upcoming issue of Perspectives on Politics and was authored by Princeton University Professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Professor Benjamin Page. An early draft can be found here.


a startling new study the surprises nobody

Democracy failed the day money got to vote.

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as suspected

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Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal

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if my husband doesnt tear up when im walking down the aisle im turning the fuck around 

my husband definitely will because he’s gonna have to put up with me for the rest of his life and that’s enough to make anybody cry

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